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Don't have time to read all the current books, or the finances to consult a professional individually? Already see a therapist but would like to explore a topic creatively from a different angle? Do you enjoy group settings and what community provides in learning? Try the Art Therapy Workshop Series brought to you by Jennifer Harkness, MA, LMHC, ATR and Courageous Heart Healing, LLC. Workshops are an affordable and time saving way to explore topics, get answers and grow! You will leave each workshop with more knowledge, an art creation of your making, and a small workbook.  No art skills required, participation is optional.

While workshops can be therapeutic it is important to note that they are not therapy, they are psychoeducational classes with an experiential component. Attendees only share and partcipate in what they feel comfortable with and while confidentiality is not guaranteed it is encouraged to keep discussions outside of workshops focused on your own personal experience and not that of others. 

The workshops will be held at the amazing Youngstown Cultural Center at 4408 Delridge Way SW, Seattle WA 98106 in classroom 103.



Space is limited to 24 per workshop and are being held by popular demand, so sign up soon, they will fill fast! You may register below through Paypal or by e-mailing if you would prefer to pay cash or check before the workshop via mail. 72 hour cancelation required or you will need to pay for the workshop in full. (Exceptions made for illness or emergency on a case by case basis.)


Currently Available Workshops


What Are You Thinking? 

Understanding Your Adolescent and Creatively Growing Together

Saturday January 28, 2017 12-3:30 $75 3.5 hours

Now Through 1/1/17 Bring a friend and recieve $10 off each!

This workshop is for parents seeking up to date research and understanding of their child 10-25 years of age. You will receive psychological education on what is going on developmentally and socially from a therapist who has over 10 years' experience working with adolescents. There will be many different strategies suggested to help you connect with your child and help them grow during this exciting and challenging time in life.  Current topics of social media, technology and drugs will be covered. Each participant will create a project that is intended to explore roles as a parent during this time and will leave with a small workbook covering the information in the class.  There will also be time for Q&A with Jenn.



Child Stress & Anxiety Tool Kit for Parents

               TBD 4:30-7:30 $65 3 hours

This workshop is for parents seeking to understand what stress and anxiety are, how it impacts children and various strategies to soothe and cope. You will receive psychological education from a neurobiological and developmental viewpoint from a therapist who has over 10 years' experience working with children and parents. You will create a creative "tool kit" to take home and use with your child in learning how to self-soothe as well as a workbook covering the information in the class. There will also be time for Q&A with Jenn.


Empowered Aging:  A Creative Exploration for Women

Saturday January 28, 2017 4:00-7:30 $75 3.5 hours

Now Through 1/1/17 Bring a friend and recieve $10 off each!

This workshop is for women 40-60 seeking to creatively explore topics related to mid-life. Current research and education on the psychological, social and physical impacts of aging will be covered as well as suggestions on how to engage this time of life with grace, acceptance, growth and power. An art project related to self-concept and acceptance will be created for you to take home. The topic of self-compassion will be interwoven into the workshop. There will be time for Q&A from Jenn who has 10 years' experience working with women and helping them to find their voice and power amidst change, and who at 40 feels the effects of our youth obsessed culture as well as the call to create change within it. You will leave with a small workbook with topics covered.



Mindfulness Through Art: 

A Creative Exploration of the Moment for Adults and Teens

            TBD 4:30-6:30 $45 2 hours

This workshop is for people age 12 and up seeking to understand or review what mindfulness is from a psychological view of present moment focus in body and mind to self-soothe emotions and regulate the nervous system. This is ideal for people who have difficulty sitting still with mindfulness or meditation or who just want more ways to practice. It's also great for parents to take with children. We will engage in three different art activities during this workshop and have time to discuss our experience and ask questions from a therapist with over 10 years' experience teaching this kind of stress reducing mindfulness and over 12 years ' experience practicing this and Buddhist mindfulness and meditation.  You will spend a total of 45 min in silent mindful art activity broken into three activities during the workshop with the longest being 30 minutes. You will leave with a small workbook with art based mindful activities in it.  



Workshop Registration and Payment
Payments can be processed online using Paypal. Payments also be mailed before the workshop with cash or check.

Available Workshops



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